Wright Brothers National Memorial

Wright Brothers National Memorial at the NC Outer Banks


The Wright Brothers National Memorial stands tall at the top of Kill Devil Hill in Kill Devil Hill at the North Carolina Outer Banks. The 60-ft tall granite monument was built to commemorate the work and first flight of a powered machine by Wilbur and Orville Wright. In the early 1900s the two brothers traveled from their home in Ohio to the Outer Banks where the wind is almost always blowing strong.

Wright Brothers National Memorial

Wright Brothers National Memorial

The largest sand dune-Kill Devil Hill is the actual site the Wright Brothers used to performed glider tests and fly a plane from the sand dune named Kill Devil Hill on December 17, 1903. Kill Devil Hills is the home to the Wright Brothers National Memorial. The location is the site of where four powered flights took place by the Wright Brothers. The memorial has a visitors center, a bookstore, and exhibits including a full-scale replica of the 1902 glider and the 1903 airplane. The grounds also include replica buildings of living quarters and the hanger the Wright Brothers used during their stay on the Outer Banks. A 60-foot granite monument sits on top of the 90-foot dune Kill Devil Hill that is the Wright Brothers National memorial.


The view from the top of Kill Devil Hill offers the viewer a panoramic view of the Albemarle Sound to the west, the vast Atlantic Ocean to the east and a nice view of Kill Devil Hills the town. Visitors can not climb the monument but you can walk up to the monument and around it, read the inscriptions and see the bust of Wilbur and Orville Wright.

The Wright Brothers National Memorial is open every day all year round except Christmas Day. Hours are 9:00am-5:00pm.

Watch as a drone flies over the Wright Brothers National Memorial!





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